Can you service multiple locations? 

Yes we can. Please take a look our the case study on our Home page.

When you factor in advertising, reviewing resumes, screening candidates and conducting interviews, the recruiting process becomes very costly in terms of both time and money.  Staff Depot offers professional recruiters who are trained to fill your position quickly.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our referrals and feel our greatest resource is our comprehensive applicant database, which contains over 50,000 local candidates. The screening process for our applicants allows us to best match their skills and training to available positions.

Through the Staff Depot's temp-to-hire program, you avoid the stress of hiring a new, permanent employee and then finding they aren’t qualified for the position. With our try-before-you-buy approach, if you are not satisfied with an employee we refer, we will replace them before they are hired onto your payroll. Meanwhile, we cover workers’ compensation and unemployment costs.

Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

Who is The Staffing Edge? 

What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by Staff Depot? 

All of our clients can reach us after hours by email. All of our staff have smartphones with our work email. Our office line has voicemail if it is not an urgent matter. We will get back to you as soon as possible.You can also contact us on the homepage of our website.

We realize that not every job is a fit for every person, and sometimes that is not clear until the person is working. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our referral, upon notice from you within the first 3 hours of employment, all charges for unsatisfactory work will be cancelled and we will refer an immediate replacement.


The Staffing Edge is our back office. They provide us with staffing software technology, administrative tasks like payroll and financing, Risk Management, etc.

Yes we can. We have custom designed software to contact all of our talent pool in seconds to fill ASAP orders faster than most agencies.

Can you fill large orders? 

Where are you located? 

We have two locations in Mississauga. 

We are also part of a network of staffing agencies and can staff anywhere in Ontario. 

You will be billed weekly. Invoices are emailed out and all invoices are due 30 days from date of invoice. 

Can you fill A.S.A.P. orders?

What are you hours of operation?

Yes we can. We have several clients with locations throughout Ontario.

How will I be billed? 

Why should I use your staffing agency instead of doing the hiring myself? 

What type of background checks do you provide? 

How do I get in touch with you after hours? 

Upon your request, and if resources are available, Staff Depot offers background checks, (driving record, criminal background and drug screens), and will verify the work experience and skills of the temporary employees we refer.